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4 Ways to Reduce High State Income Taxes

Although often overshadowed by the higher federal tax rates, state income taxes can take a large bite out of earnings. Thankfully, there are a few options to reduce your state tax bill. For those in highly taxed states, simple changes like saving using treasury bills instead of bank CDs for your cash savings could knock off hundreds of dollars per year in your state tax bill. What else can you do? Here is a quick list:

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Iowans: Here is How the New Tax Law Affects You

This week, Iowa’s Governor signed sweeping changes to the state’s tax code into law. In general, Iowa’s new tax law aims to lower personal income tax rates, while aligning the state tax law with the new federal tax law. Here are a two of the most important changes that will affect most Iowans:

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Hylland Capital End of Year 2017 Letter to Clients

Below is a portion of our end of year letter to clients for 2017. Omitted is any personal information that would be included before this section such as client name, account balance, performance, mention of individual holdings, etc. We manage each client's account individually, and therefore each client's performance is unique.

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19 Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser

Jason Zweig is out with his weekly "Intelligent Investor" column in the Wall Street Journal this weekend, where he lists 19 questions that you should ask any prospective (or current) financial adviser.


We thought we would put our answers to his questions here for current clients and prospects to see:

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