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Hylland Capital – Now Offering Dimensional “DFA” Mutual Funds

Hylland Capital Management is proud to announce that it is now an authorized “Dimensional Fund Advisor”. 

Dimension Funds Advisors’ (DFA) mutual funds are available only to financial advisors who are vetted by the company and complete certain educational requirements. There are just a handful of advisors in the Iowa corridor area that are able to offer DFA mutual funds to their clients.



What makes these funds special?

Dimensional’s investment philosophy is based on decades of academic research by several Nobel Prize winning researchers.

We think their long term record of the company’s funds speak for itself:



How are these Dimensional funds different?

DFA’s funds have exactly what we look for in investments; low costs, and broad based diversification. But there is more too it than that. Decades of research has led to the findings that several areas or “dimensions” in the investment landscape outperform over long periods of time:

Investing in equities outperforms bonds

Investing in smaller companies outperforms investments in larger companies

Investing in highly profitable companies outperforms investments in less profitable companies

Investing in cheap, “value” companies outperforms investments in expensive “growth” companies


Of course, there is no certainty on any given year. But over long periods of time, weighting these factors has led to higher returns than a simple broad based index fund:




In addition, Dimensional funds operate with more flexibility than traditional index funds that create lower costs for investors.

All of this leads to another great tool in our “toolbox” that we provide our clients.


Want to learn more about how DFA can help us achieve your financial dreams? Let’s talk today!