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How to Choose the Best Dividend Stocks - Yahoo Finance

As a general rule, its a bad idea to replace fixed income investments with dividend paying stocks, no matter how "safe" they may seem.

When you purchase a bond from the government or a company, you are entering a legal agreement to be repaid. Companies do default, there is still risk, but your payments will remain constant as long as the business is still running.

Dividends do not offer that guarantee. They can be reduced or completely taken away without warning. In the 2008 financial crisis we saw bank reduce or eliminate most of their dividends, despite being a very popular dividend investing sector for decades. During that same period, General Electric halted their dividend for the first time in decades as well. Today we are seeing oil companies, once considered some of the safest dividends in existence, cut or eliminate their dividends as a response to low oil prices.

That cautionary note aside, dividends have historically accounted for a large portion of an investor's returns over time. So how do you go about selecting the right dividend stocks for your portfolio?

At Hylland Capital - our investment management services manages investments for clients with diversified portfolios that fit their needs, whether it be accumulating assets or setting up an income stream.  Lets see what we can do for you - Read more on our investment management services here.


Fixed income investing is not always so simple. One attribute you may notice about a bond investment is its "call date". What does that mean?

Callable bonds are able to be purchased back by the company before they mature, potentially exposing investors to the risk of being forced to sell a good investment.

This article discusses some things you should think about before investing in callable bonds.

Thematic investing is becoming a huge trend for millennials today. But personal biases can lead to a lot of added risk in a portfolio as well. What are some ways you can invest based on certain themes (for example, companies that have raised their dividend over the last 10 years), and how do you do it without adding too much risk to your portfolio? We discuss that and more in this article with U.S. News and World report.



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