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From time to time, reporters are so desperate for a story that they have to ask for my opinion on certain topics!

Below is a collection of articles that Hylland Capital has been featured in lately:


Yahoo Finance: How Big Should Your Cash Reserves Be?



Your emergency fund is one of your most important financial lifelines, able to keep you afloat when the unexpected strikes.

But how much money should you have set aside? And where should you put that money? I give a few pointers with several other advisors in the industry.



The Street – Is your Retirement at Risk to Inflation?


Over the long term, inflation is your number one enemy. Recently with bond yields so low, savers are struggling more than ever keeping up with inflation. In this article we give a few tips on how to keep up with inflation in your fixed income investments.



Chase: Finding Your Financial Way After Graduation


One of the first steps in being financially independent is moving out and finding your own place. Here is a collection of saving and budgeting advice by financial advisors to help you get your life together so you can move out from the friend's couch or Mom and Dad's house.



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