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What's in a Financial Plan? Here's an Example:

A few examples of topics routinely covered in financial plans:

  • Portfolio/Investment Breakdown

  • Tax Analysis

  • Social Security Comparison

  • Retirement Income Expectations

  • College Savings Strategy

  • Risks to Your Financial Plan

  • Medicare Considerations

  • Pension/Early Retirement Offers

  • Estate Planning

  • Insurance Analysis

Want to get an idea of the analysis used to creating a plan? Take a look at an example financial plan here:

Example Financial Plan

Elements of a Financial Plan

While no two financial plans are alike, we commonly focus on several main topics:


You have spent (or will spend) decades saving up for retirement. Don’t let years of effort go to waste by choosing poor investment options.

When we look at an investment portfolio we analyze the current fees you are paying, the expected growth of your investments, the tax consequences of your investments, and much more. All of this comes together to find a portfolio that will produce returns needed to meet your retirement goals, with the least amount of risk:


Tax Analysis

Taxes play a huge factor in your retirement. You have spent your whole life saving up in your 401k or IRA, but did you know that once you hit retirement you will be taxed on those savings?

We evaluate options to reduce the tax burden of withdrawing from your qualified retirement plans. Can you delay social security? Convert some portion to a Roth IRA? Withdrawal extra before required minimum distributions start? Let us help you find your optimal tax plan:


Social Security Comparison

Should you take social security at age 62? 67? or 70?

You probably know that you get a bonus for delaying, but can your retirement portfolio support all of your living expenses while you wait for social security to kick in? We help you find your best option:


College Savings Strategy

We know that you not only want to save for your retirement, but also for other goals such as a family member’s higher education costs.

What will it take to put your child through college? Where should money set aside for college expenses be saved? We can help answer these questions and more with our college savings analysis:


Risks to Your Financial Plan

It is one thing to know where you stand when it comes to retirement, but its even more important to be prepared for what is ahead.

Can your retirement nest egg handle a stock market crash? High inflation? Rising health care costs? Let us stress test your portfolio to find where you are vulnerable, and suggest a solution:

inflation risk.png

And Much More!

Check out the sample financial plan above, and reach out today to see how we can help you!

Matt Hylland