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How To: Make Annual IRA Contribution into Folio Account

Each year you are allowed a $5,500 annual contribution (as of 2017, $6,500 for those over 50 years of age) into an IRA or ROTH IRA account.


For clients with accounts managed by Hylland Capital Management, here is a reminder on how to make your annual contribution to your account with Folio Investments:


Step 1: Go to FolioClient.com to Login

Go to www.FolioClient.com and login to your account with your username and password.


Step 2: Select the "Account Quick Links" drop down menu

Click the top dropdown menu and select "Transfer Money" and select GO.


Step 3: Select Deposit Type

Ensure the "Deposit" tab at the top is selected and the desired account is selected.

Next select how you would like to deposit the money into your account.

EFT Initiated Here - Is typically the easiest way. Simple link Folio with your bank account and the money will be electronically transferred instantly.

Check - Mail Folio a check. The money will be deposited once the check is received and processed.

Online Bill Pay - If you use your bank's online bill pay feature, you can link your Folio account to your bill pay.

Wire - Wire money into your account (additional fees may apply).

EFT Initiated at your Financial Institution - Here, you are given an account and routing number for your Folio account. Bring that information to your bank and have them initiate a funds transfer into your Folio account.

Direct Deposit - Set up contributions to automatically come from your paycheck.

Once your bank account is linked, select the amount you would like to deposit (ensuring it is below the annual limit - contact us if you have any questions), select the tax year you would like the contribution made, select the frequency of the deposit (weekly, monthly, annually, or a single time - again be sure that any reoccurring contributions will not put you over the IRS limit for annual contributions).


Hit continue and review to ensure your request is accurate.

Matt Hylland