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What’s in a Financial Plan?

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Example of Topics Covered:

  • Portfolio/Investment Breakdown

  • Tax Analysis

  • Social Security Comparison

  • Retirement Income Expectations

  • College Savings Strategy

  • Risks to Your Financial Plan

  • Medicare Considerations

  • Pension/Early Retirement Offers

  • Estate Planning

  • Insurance Analysis

We have opened up a portion of our financial planning software to everyone for FREE, whether you are a client of Hylland Capital Management or not. 


Why Choose a Fee-Only, Fiduciary, and Independent Investment Advisor?

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Hi, I'm Matt.

Hylland Capital Management is an independent, fiduciary, fee only, financial planning and investment advisory firm.

I started Hylland Capital Management to serve those who think financial advising should be done a little different today.

Whether you have been pushed out of an advisor's office for not having a large enough account, or ran out to escape another hour of an advisor's sales pitch - I think you'll like it here.

Here's how we are different:

We have no minimum account size.

Just starting your financial journey? We're here to help.

We are Fee-Only.

We make nothing off commissions, so we don't need to lay on the sales pitches.

We save you time.

You don't have to leave work early, find a babysitter and fight traffic to meet with your financial advisor. Our virtual office makes it so we can meet from the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you.


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