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We know that medical residents have a unique set of needs when it comes to financial advice. We tailor specifically to residents needing help with their student loans, saving for retirement, buying a house, and general budgeting. Here's a few ways to get started:

Free Hylland Capital Tools Available for Medical Residents:

Student Loan Forbearance Cost Calculator

Residents often struggle to pay their student loans when entering residency. Many are tempted to go into forbearance to avoid the payments, but what is the total cost of forbearing your student loans while in residency?

Often times for residents the interest from their student loans in forbearance is capitalized back into the loan, increasing the loan's principal balance, which leads to even higher interest payments in the future. Over time, this can create a runaway debt problem that is very hard to get out of.

For example, a resident with $120,000 in debt with a 7% interest rate who enters forbearance with their student loans for 4 years would increase the total cost of their loans by nearly $70,000 - That's more than 50% of the original balance! 


How much will it cost you to go into forbearance with your loans?

Enter your loan information into our Student Loan Forbearance Cost Calculator to find out!

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Why do Residents choose Hylland Capital?

How can a financial advisor better serve residents?

For starters, we operate entirely virtually. That means you won't have to make time to get off work and drive to our office. Meet from the comfort of your own home, at hours that work for you. Early mornings, late evenings, weekends. No banker's hours here - We cater to your busy schedule.

We are fee-only. That means we don't accept commissions for recommending products. We hate insurance sales pitches as much as you do. The only way we get paid is to help you, not sell to you. 

Lastly, we are a fiduciary investment advisor, which means we are required to act in your best interest. Unlike other salesmen masquerading as investment advisors, our only duty is to do what is best for you. We have no sales quotas, no company talking points, no bureaucratic limitations.

Just what can a financial planner do for a medical resident? See a case study here:

Case Study – How a University of Iowa Medical Resident Saved $263,000 on Student Loans WHILE Saving for Retirement



Free Financial Planning Software

We offer use of our financial planning software for free to those who are interested.

The software is able to help you with budgeting, saving for goals, paying off debt, investing and preparing for retirement, and even to help plan for future college expenses (for you or a child).

We have a video series to help walk you through setup and model specific scenarios, along with blog posts detailing how to use the software. You will find that having the software will help follow along as you read our blog posts and go through examples.



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