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Student Loan Hero - 6 Tips From Dave Ramsey You May Not Want to Follow


Dave Ramsey is a household name when it comes to personal finance help. Between his nationally broadcasted radio show and his large internet following, his advice reaches hundreds of thousands of families each month.

But what makes for good radio does not necessarily make for good financial advice.

Matt Hylland was interviewed for this article in Student Loan Hero discussing 6 tips from Dave Ramsey that you may want to avoid.

In particular, Matt comments on 3 specific talking points on Ramsey’s shows that are particularly flawed:

First, using the “Debt Snowball Method”:


Next, Ramsey’s advice to “stop using credit cards”:


Lastly, Ramsey is a proponent of using mutual funds over ETFs. 10 years ago mutual funds were likely an investor’s best option, but today ETFs provide an opportunity to usually save money on fees, and be much more tax efficient than mutual funds.

(We find this error is common with most older financial advisors who grew up with only mutual funds and have simply stuck with what they know.)


You can read the rest of the article on Student Loan Hero’s website, here:


Matt Hylland