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Hylland Capital Client Accounts Now With TD Ameritrade



Hylland Capital Management has just completed an agreement to move client accounts over to TD Ameritrade platform. 

This allows Hylland Capital Management to provide better services for clients, at a reduced cost. Here's a peak at new features now available to Hylland Capital clients:



Access to Nearly 300 Commission Free ETFs

Hylland Capital Management clients now have access to some of the best ETFs from companies like AGFiQ QuantShares, First Trust Portfolios, iShares ETFs, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, PowerShares by Invesco, ProShares, State Street Global Advisors, and WisdomTree.

This means we can rebalance and adjust portfolios to the changing investing landscape cheaper and easier than ever before. A client's account with 20 positions may have cost over $120 to properly rebalance before, now costs $0 when using any of the nearly 300 commission free ETFs now available. That is savings that goes directly into clients' pockets and allows us to keep portfolios properly balanced at all times.



Improved Online Interface

Client accounts now have a much more modern look. Real-time data, customized dashboards, leading market insight, message center, tax document vaults and more. Take a look:



Online App Access


Clients now have a better way to access their accounts at any time, on any device. Clients can now schedule deposits and withdrawals, check account balances, access the message center, and more all from your phone.

Clients can download AdvisorClient Mobile app in the Apple AppStore and the Google Play™ store.



Additional Product Offerings


Hylland Capital clients now have access to added investment opportunities. Here's just a few of the new and added benefits for Hylland Capital clients:

  • We can participate in individual corporate, municipal and treasury bond offerings. We also have better access to buy individual bonds on the secondary market.
  • We can now better control client risk with options. Although not necessary for many clients, the opportunity allows us to manage risk much better for certain clients.
  • Access to 17,000+ mutual funds
  • Access to additional fixed income investments options.
  • Estate planning solutions, such as Charitable Remainder Trusts, Donor Advised Funds, Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA)/Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) accounts, and Private Foundations.
  • And much more!


These changes allow us at Hylland Capital to create better, more personalized investment portfolios for our clients.


Ready to see how you can benefit from our new partnership?

Matt Hylland