Our financial plans are simple, straightforward and easy to follow. Points of focus for typical financial plans include:

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Budgeting and Cash Flow

The most basic element of a financial plan - and the most important. But a budget is much more than tracking how much you spend at Starbucks. Our financial plans cover your personal balance sheet, monthly cash flows, goal tracking and debt management.

Investing and Retirement

Are you saving enough? Are your investments allocated appropriately? Your portfolio can be made up of stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, annuities and more - all of which can be in 401(k)s, IRAs, ROTHs (and more!) What investments and accounts are best for you?

College Savings

With college expenses only going up, it's important to start planning now. From savings bonds to 529 plans, we evaluate your best course of action and get you on your way.

Insurance Needs

Don't leave yourself or your loved ones to struggle should something happen. And remember, we earn NO commissions off of ANY product we recommend. No sales pitches here.

Special Issues

For everything else. Whether you just inherited money, got a new job, expanding your family, have a one time tax issue, or anything else. Lets talk about how the situation effects your financial goals.

Our Asset Management philosophy is based on low expenses, limited portfolio turnover and long term capital appreciation.


Fee Only & Fiduciary

We earn no commissions from our investment or product recommendations. The only way we increase our pay is by making you money.

Being a fiduciary means we are required by law to act with your best interests in mind - not ours. It represents our vow to never let you incur excessive charges or fees.

How's that for knowing your financial advisor will always be on your side?

No Minimums

We recognize the importance of getting started saving and investing as early as possible. Don't fall into the high minimums required for other financial advisors? We're here to help.

Low Expenses

Not just our AUM (Asset Under Management) Fee. We strive to reduce ALL of your investment expenses. Our custom equity portfolios can replace expensive ETFs and Mutual Funds, saving you from paying their expense ratios.

Flexible Payment Options
Along with our custom portfolios comes customized payment options.

Our flexible payment structure means we are not pressured to manage assets if cheaper alternatives exist. We frequently utilize services like Treasury Direct for expense-free bonds and TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) for military and government employee retirement accounts.

We offer you the ability to make the most of your tax advantaged accounts and pay us via traditional taxable accounts, checking accounts or credit cards instead of direct deductions from your 401(k)s and IRAs.

 We utilize today's modern technology to help our clients reduce costs, stay secure and keep our business transparent to clients.


Virtual Office

Our virtual office means no fighting traffic, finding a babysitter, or getting off work early in order to meet. A face-to-face meeting is just a click away from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Cloud Based

Cloud-based means you can access your latest statements anywhere, anytime. With our cloud based file sharing, there is no need to run to the post office to mail us updates - simply drag and drop any file from your computer and we receive it instantly!

Account Aggregation

See how ALL of your accounts come together, even assets we don't manage! All clients gain access to our account aggregation dashboard, powered by Advizr.

Innovative Portfolio Solutions

We use Folio Investing, an innovator in online investing to create unique, customized portfolios tailored for each client. We do not offload our clients' investments to other portfolio managers or roboadvisors.


We take security seriously. All client statements and communications are stored with 256-bit encryption with ComConnect. Not only are your documents and reports always available, they are protected with military level security. Meeting or exceeding all FINRA and SEC standards


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