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Advising the Next Generation


for the next generation, by the next generation.

Here's how we are different:


We Have No Account Minimums

Today's millennials and generations X and Y have begun their professional careers, but many lack the minimum investment account sizes required by many of today's financial advisors.

So we have no account minimums.

While others push you out the door, we gladly keep ours open. At a time when your actions are most important, you should have help making the financial decisions that will effect you for decades to come.


We are Fee Only and Fiduciary

We are a Fee-Only Investment Advisor, meaning we collect NO commissions from any investment or insurance product we recommend. This eliminates the potential for a conflict of interest when recommending and selecting investments. That insurance representative talking to you stands to make thousands in commissions by pushing you into an expensive policy. We make nothing in commissions.

Who do you think will provide the most objective advice?


We Use Today's Technology

At a time when the average financial advisor is over 50 years old, we think its time to bring some new life and energy into the profession. Whether you take advantage of our virtual office, our iPhone and Android apps, or our cloud based file and document sharing, we know we will save you time and money.



Hi, I'm Matt.

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I started Hylland Capital Management to serve those who think financial advising should be done a little different today.

Whether you have been pushed out of an advisor's office for not having a large enough account, or ran out to escape another hour of an advisor's sales pitch - I think you'll like it here. Here's why:

We have no minimum account size.

Just starting your financial journey? We're here to help.

We are Fee-Only.

We make nothing off commissions, so we don't need to lay on the sales pitches.

We save you time.

You don't have to leave work early, find a babysitter and fight traffic to meet with your financial advisor. Our virtual office makes it so we can meet from the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you.


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Our Services

Asset Management


We manage investments for clients of all sizes. Whether you are looking for capital appreciation or preservation, our custom portfolios provide the low costs of passive management with the flexibility only an active manager can provide.

Financial planning

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Our financial planning services help you get, and remain on a path to financial freedom. From debt repayment plans to inheritance plans and everything in between, our financial planning service can help you, whatever your needs.


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What if you could meet your advisor 'face-to-face' without fighting traffic? What if you could view your financial plan, upload documents and schedule a meeting with your financial advisor in an app on your cell phone? We make it possible.


We've Been Getting Around:


But Enough About Us,

Let's Hear About You.

Use the form below to schedule a meeting with us. The first meeting is ALWAYS free. No obligations, no sales pitch.

Lets see how we can help you.

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