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19 Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser

Jason Zweig is out with his weekly "Intelligent Investor" column in the Wall Street Journal this weekend, where he lists 19 questions that you should ask any prospective (or current) financial adviser.


We thought we would put our answers to his questions here for current clients and prospects to see:

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Matt Hylland
Financial Planning Guide for Newlyweds - Advice for Those Recently Engaged or Married.

Getting engaged and married is one of the most exciting times of your life. It can also be a hectic time as you learn to balance not only your own, but your spouse's goals, dreams, expenses and debts. It is incredibly important to get a plan in place to help guide you on your journey and help ease frustration later on.

Here is a list of a few topics to discuss now, and what to consider when charting your financial future as a couple so that you can ensure you journey is as stress free as possible.

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Hylland Capital's End of Year Letter to Clients - 2016

Below is a portion of our end of year letter to clients for 2016. Omitted is any personal information that would be included before this section such as client name, account balance, performance, mention of individual holdings, etc. We manage each client's account individually, and therefore each client's performance is unique.

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Matt Hylland