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John Oliver on Retirement Plans and Financial Advisors

John Oliver, host of "Last Week Tonight", hits it out of the park with his segment the other night on retirement plans and the financial advisory industry in general.


Does Hylland Capital pass John Oliver's test?



1) Find a Fee-Only Advisor - Check!

Many financial advisors receive commissions from the products they sell in addition to the fee they charge to you. Can you trust that an advisor who stands to make thousands in commissions by selling you a product can really provide you an unbiased opinion? We don't either.


Hylland Capital receives NO other compensation besides those from the client.

So whether we are advising you on annuities, retirement, insurance or financial planning you can be sure you are receiving objective, unbiased advice.


2) Find an Advisor who is a Fiduciary - Check!

On top of being a fee only advisor, we are also operate as our clients' fiduciary. That means we are obligated to act in your best interest. While others fight congress to prevent being forced into the fiduciary title, we could not imagine operating any other way. Does your financial planner or investment advisor operate with your best interest in mind? We will.


3) Keep Fees Under 1% - Check!

Our investment advisory fee is 0.7% - well below industry average. We also strive to keep you from paying many other investment related fees, read more in our post here: "Our Take on the Active vs. Passive Debate"


3 for 3! If only there was a certification to be an "Oliver Approved" advisor....




If you are in need of an "Oliver Approved" financial advisor, contact us today to schedule a no fee, no obligation introductory meeting.


Matt Hylland