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Early Retirement and Volunary Severance Offers

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Evaluating an Early Retirement or Voluntary Severance Offer

You were planning on retiring in a few years, but now your company is offering you an early retirement offer package. Sure, it comes with some extra pay - But what else should you consider?

How do you begin to evaluate an early retirement offer?

Should you accept the offer?

We explore these questions and more in our blog post, “Evaluating an Early Retirement or Voluntary Service Offer”, here:

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Why Get Help From Hylland Capital?

As someone considering an early retirement offer, its important to know that you can trust whoever is giving you advice - Because once you accept or reject an offer, there’s no going back.

So don’t trust the recommendation of product salesmen who operate on commission with no incentive you give you advice.

At Hylland Capital Management, we are fee-only financial advisors. That means we don't accept commissions for recommending products. We hate insurance sales pitches as much as you do. The only way we get paid is to help you, not sell to you. 

Lastly, we are a fiduciary investment advisor, which means we are required to act in your best interest. Unlike other salesmen masquerading as investment advisors, our only duty is to do what is best for you. We have no sales quotas, no company talking points, no bureaucratic limitations.


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