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Asset Management and Financial Planning for the Next Generation.

Financial Planning Services

budgeting and cash flow

The most basic element of a financial plan - and the most important. Where should you spend money and where should you cut expenses? We help you contruct and implement the right financial plan for you to help you achieve your financial goals.

College savings

With college expenses only going up, it's important to start planning now. From savings bonds to 529 plans, we evaluate your best plan of action for saving for college expenses

Investments and retirement

Are you saving enough? Are your investments allocated appropriately? Your portfolio can be made up of stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, annuities and more - all of which can be in 401(k)s, IRAs, ROTHs (and more!) What investments and accounts are best for you? 

debt management

Whats the best plan for you to get out of debt as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible? We will help create and execute a plan to get you back on your feet and saving again.

Insurance needs

Don't leave yourself or your loved ones to struggle should something happen. And remember, we earn NO commissions off of ANY product we recommend. No sales pitches here. 

special issues

For everything else. Whether you just inherited money, got a new job, expanding your family, have a one time tax issue, or anything else. Lets talk about how the situation effects your financial goals. we can look at specifc one-time issues and charge by the hour.

Asset Management Services

custom portfolio management

We offer full-scale Asset Management services to clients, regardless of account size. No robots, no computer algorithms, no contracting with other advisors.

We construct portfolios customized for each client with a focus on reduced costs, managing risk and long term capital appreciation.


Wrong moves when dealing with taxes can cost you thousands. With our software we can simulate a wide variety of choices to see how decisions today will impact you 1, 5 or 20 years from now. 

Should you be considering ROTH conversions? Is now a good time to sell a large block of stock? How will taking social securty effect your tax situation? 

Various Account types

Whether you have a ROTH IRA, traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, taxable broker account, joint investment account, trust account, SEP IRA, Custodial account or are a company that needs management for your 401(k) offering, we can help.


from savings to withdrawals

Whether building up your savings or living off of it, how you save, invest and access your money is important.

We match up your financial goals with an appropriate savings and withdrawal strategy to ensure your money is there when you need it. 

Fee-Only and Fiduciary 

We act in our client's best interests and accept no commissions for any products recommended.

Our only business is to ensure your success, not making sales.


Our Fees

Our AUM (Asset Under Management) fee is billed 0.175% per quarter, which totals 0.7% annually, with a minimum of $75 billed per quarter, which totals $300 annually.

For those not best suited to a flat AUM fee, we also have the option to bill a set monthly retainer fee. Fees vary from $30 per month to $150 per month depending on the client.

Using Today's Technology


Virtual office

The days of having to fight traffic, finding a baby sitter or taking off of work to meet with your financial advisor are over.

Our virtual office means that we can meet while you are in the comfort of your own home. Meetings can take place after hours and even on weekends.

Account aggregation

We use Right Capital's account aggregation and financial planning platform to put all your accounts together into one place - Even those not managed by Hylland Capital!

See how all of your retirement and bank accounts, incomes and spending, debts and savings come together to create your complete financial picture.

All Hylland Capital clients receive full access to Right Capital's services, with a login in our client portal.

Anyone, whether a client or not, has limited access to our financial planning portal. 

cloud based

Access all your account statements, financial plans and other correspondence from one place - anytime, anywhere. We use only secure, 256 bit encrypted cloud based file storage. All cloud file storage meets or exceeds FINRA and SEC standards for file storage security.

We have a special focus on serving young professionals that are beginning their careers, and have a special financial planning package for medical residents as well.